324 – Complicite

The #300-series of numbers are temporary until we can identify their correct hull number. We welcome your contributions: If you can add more info or more photos please contact us by email.

Hull number(324, temporary)
Boat nameComplicite
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 000
Hull moulding (month-year)1992
Completion (month-year)2000
Registry numberCAN 815978
Owner(s)Peter Frederick Tye (2017 - 2021)
R. Dupuis/M.Ethier
Homeport and locationMontreal/Montreal
Website / blog / etchttps://www.dignitymemorial.com/en-ca/obituaries/london-on/peter-tye-10028750?fbclid=IwAR1wFamA8yLLx36JcWEU39oXk7fiBJjYErvIUEiXMlo7mUVJCOnKl5PefvE
Brief historyIn 2017 Peter Tye bought her and after making various additions etc (e.g. stern arch c/w solar and davits and wind turbine) sailed south and westwards. After sailing the Caribbean, Peter successfully sailed across the Pacific Ocean and then throughout the South Pacific, visiting the many islands of Polynesia. Whilst in Fiji in approx 2020 he needed to return home to Canada to care for his sick mother, and he himself subsequently died in early 2021.
The boat is (2021) for sale in Fiji. In some of the photos she can be seen in a yard in Fifi with the keel in a pit, rather than on a cradle - this is a hurricane precaution.
Other commentsRegistered in 1991. Other info suggests a 1992 moulding year. Either way this is at the very end of the sequence so the mould number will be close to #200.