#023, Simmerdim

Simmerdim is a fine example of a good owner-­finished craft with custom touches not available in production craft in above average condition. Over the years, Simmerdim has received love and care in return for comfort, freedom and safety at sea.
CAN $ 87,500 (~ USD $ 65,000)

#2. Obituary of Lester Helmus

061 - Cosmic Debris in Haida Gwaii at sunset, photo courtesy Wendi Morrison

This is Newsletter #2 dated May 2020 of the Corbin 39 story on our .org website. We are issuing it both as a post on the website, and as a downloadable pdf that will also be distributed by email (as a pdf). We start this newsletter #2 with the news that Lester Helmus passed away …

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