Hull portlights

I would like to post a question about replacing the 8 port lights in the hull. Mine are leaking badly and I was hoping to get some feedback from other owners who may have already done the job. Vince S. (#005, Witch of the Waves). a. I am presently replacing all the acrylic windows and …

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What sealant should I use?

“What Sealant Do You Need?” by Don Casey. In every Marine Center you will find an array of different sealants and caulks sufficient to make your head spin. With so many choices, how do you know which one you need? It is not as difficult as you might think. Virtually all modern marine sealants fall …

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Stern davits

What’s a good davit for hauling a dinghy? I am going to build a davit for my zodiac (both boat and engine, 15 hp). I need something strong and good looking. I’d like to know if there are members of the list who had pretty good results, and the way they did it. Do we …

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Stern arch

I’m interested in getting some info and ideas from other owners on designing an arch for a solar panel and wind generator. Bob Becker (#100, Emmalou). a. Visit my site and look at my arch built by Gatean Duchesne, Normand Bouchard, (#140, Urantia)

Bow locker drains

Is it possible to install a thru-hull at the bow lockers so seawater can drain overboard without coming into the boat? Charlie Haskell (#066, Pinguescence). a. Our Corbin came with the bow lockers interconnected via a small hole in the separation nearest the bow and one drain on the port side. Works very well and …

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Bow thruster

If any member would have recommendations for a bow thruster I would appreciate it. Regards, Guy Viger (#189, Tangaroa V). a. Regarding the bow thruster: I am satisfied, the power is OK and the consumption of electricity is reasonable. If I have to say something is wrong is the fact it has a double propeller …

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Guardrail stanchion bases?

Guardrail stanchion bases? a. In reference to my stanchion bases I was able to have them made here in Halifax. Excellent job for about $90 and better quality than original. If anybody needs any I can provide details. stanchionbasesnewandold.jpg Capt. Hillary Shea (#028 Arjuna)

Home made dinghy

What’s a good homemade dinghy to build? a. Right now, on the cool, wet days, I am building another boat! This is an Optimist style dinghy for our grandchildren, using 1/4″ ply and the stitch & glue technique. Progress photos attached. dinghyassembled.jpg and dinghywiredup.jpg Regards, David Salter (#050, Opportunity) b. See . Click on …

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Homemade outboard motor hoist?

#050, Opportunity is covered for winter now, but the weather has been quite warm for working on projects. Today we tried out the newly completed outboard motor crane and it worked well. See photo. homemadehoist.jpg It is partly copied from the Forespar design and has an internal halyard that leads to a sheet winch. The …

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Aluminium toerails

Where can I obtain aluminum toerails? Hi all. I am looking for information on aluminum toerails. We have a teak toerail and it’s in pityful shape. We want to put an aluminum toerail on but don’t know where to start to find one. Are they bought preformed for the Corbin? Do I have to bend …

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Purchasing pilothouse window frames

Where can I obtain the original pilothouse window frames ? I’ve been building my Corbin for about 21 years now and don’t think I’ll ever finish. I’m redoing things I did years ago for the second or third time now. Anyway I’m not looking for rectangular bronze portholes but for the frames that went around …

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Replacing pilothouse windows

Asked by Lester Helmus (s/v #010, Insouciance) a. I used 3/8″ Sheffield Hyzod Polycarbonate with a bronze tint. [Do a Google Search on “Sheffield Hyzod Polycarbonate”] I removed the teak frame on the outsides, removed the old lexan and had all the screw holes and bolt holes re-glassed and the whole PH re-gelcoated. I then …

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Mainsheet traveller relocation

Consider relocating mainsheet traveler from the bridge deck to pilothouse? This submission is based on the premise that the author makes that the pilothouse roof (the “bridge deck”) is not strong enough to carry the loads of the traveller & mainsail. The author’s was the only Corbin known to have made this modification, and no …

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