Mast compression post

Is your mast compression post sliding aft? [2019 edit by DS : The premise of this issue as described below is not entirely correct, and best I explain this up front. In the mk1 there are two possible mast and compression post positions. The fwd mast position was intended for use with the ketch, and …

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Corbin bowsprits

Who manufactured the Corbin bowsprits and if they are still available. Mine has some small cracks and I am considering whether to repair or replace it. Sim Hoggarth (#143, Alianna) a. Sorry, I do not know. Mine is in good shape. If I was him I would call a marine stainless fabricator for a repair …

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Mast rewiring

How do I rewire my mast? Can you please help. I am trying to do some rewiring in the mast (Isomat): radar, coax, and a triplex wire for deck and steaming light. Are there internal conduits in the mast that extend below the side exit? Do I need to pull the mast? Gene Stoddard (#158, …

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Mast exit plates?

Any idea where I might find a mast exit plate for my Corbin ketch? Stephan De Blasio (#176, Gisela) a. Stephen, What is different about it and a standard plate? Lester, “I’m not sure. I walked into West Marine with the old one and they acted like I had a third eye. It’s made of …

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Mast base

How do you brace your mast at the deck? a. see photos below for typical arrangements (they will open individually if you click them):