Lining for the pilothouse interior?

Perhaps someone could suggest any thoughts on material to replace the teak plywood inside the pilot house….I was thinking of using a white covered plywood (?melamine) rather than the teak and then reusing the teak trim. Does anyone have any experience with this, and what kind of material did they use. Thanks. Bill Swales (#042, Blondie Too)

a. In response to this email, I have used an excellent material for this which is a thin (1/8”) fiberglass sheet material. It has a bumpy textured finish. It is very durable and glues on with construction adhesive or contact cement. It is commonly used to line commercial or restaurant kitchen areas. It is really easy to keep clean, does not absorb moisture and will last forever…costs about $50.00 per sheet. It is available from plastics, Plexi-glass suppliers in a variety of colors and has trim pieces that are used to join, create inside and outside corners, etc. It is awesome for lining the shower in the head also. It can be cut very easily with a mini grinder with a thin cutting disc. I use a laminate trimmer with a carbide tipped flush trim cutter with a top bearing. Just clamp a straight edge along your cut line and the bearing from your trimmer will run along the straight edge. The dust from cutting is fairly hazardous to breathe, so wear a good respirator. Handle the dust as you would fiberglass insulation….will make you itch if not careful. Take care, Mike & Cathy Cashin (#045 Sea Dream).

b. This is a very good idea. I did the galley on my previous boat and after 15 years it still looked new. It required very low maintenance and did not need any special “boat glue”, just the regular contact cement. I know now that they have different kinds of contact cement; I used the original one. It stinks badly while you use it, but it held all these years. A light color lining will make the space look bigger, also. One more thing. Do not use the already made board with melamine covering. It is made with pressed wood and will go bad in a year or two. Glue the melamine (formica) on top of the existing wood, if it still sound, or replace the existing wood with marine plywood that you will cover with formica. Good luck with your project. Valois Nadeau (#096, Gulliver).