#20, Nordic X

Nordic X is for sale for $48,000 and is in sailing condition.

Nordic was born in 1979 and launched in 1981. Nordic is happy to be in Langkawi, Malaysia one of the most beautiful boating paradise on the planet, and she would like to take you to a serious sailing around the planet. She has already completed half a circumnavigation in her 43-years, so she knows the seas very well. She is hull #020, completed as a centre cockpit mk1 cutter with a taller double-spreader mast and a full bowsprit.

There was no hesitation from us to give her the best equipment for a long distance cruising life. She had all our care and she collaborates so much during our journeys that we didn’t have any issue of any kind.

She is equipped with a strong and powerful engine accessible on the 4 sides (see pictures). Electricity was approved by a certified and professional electrician. Headroom is suitable for a person of less than 6’2″ .

She is a strong yacht, designed and built for a couple or a family to sail the waters of the world in comfort and safety. Made of teak wood, Nordic was finished by a professional marine cabinetmaker. She has a flat floor from stern to bow.

The interior of this boat is unsurpassed and well thought. She has had only three owners, the current one has enjoyed her for the last 24 years. Cruising World magazine voted her one of the Best Used Sailboats for under $100,000 (US) in their 4 June 2021 issue.

There is no condensation because of the insulated hull. There is no hull moisture. There has never been a blister on this boat. Flat deck for easy navigation manoeuvers and life on deck.

– Two very wide cabins, sleeps 4 very well.
– Cushions and their covers were made by a professional upholsterer. The comfort they provide is amazing.
– The quarter berth and the aft bed are equipped with anti-roll (non-slip) fabric.
– Galley containing a stainless steel propane stove on gambles (3 burners, oven and grill), an insulated ice box and numerous kitchen cabinets.
– Cockpit offers a very good security for people when heeling.

They are meant as Marius Corbin wrote, to take anyone, “safely and comfortably around the world”. For those who have no or limited navigation or sailing experience how about considering Nordic as a live aboard tied up to the dock of this nice marina whilst you develop more experience.

The photos of the interior are the current condition, with photos taken in 2020. There was no visit by the owner in 2021 due to Covid but Nordic was being visited weekly by a caretaker onshore in the yard in Krabi. In June -2022 the owner put her in the water, and sailed her for the 3-day passage from Krabi, Thailand to Langkawi in Malaysia, i.e. Nordic X is in a sailable condition. Above the waterline the sides of the hull are looking rather tatty but are perfectly serviceable –  the new owner may wish to repaint her to improve cosmetic appearance. The photo of antifouling was taken on October 1st 2019. After the picture of the antifouling Nordic sailed only few months: from January 2020 to March 2020, and has since been out of the water until the 3-day voyage from Krabi to Langkawi.

Location : Langkawi, Malaysia (Royal Langkawi yacht club in Malaysia, in the water)
 – (note that a boat sold in Langkawi has no tax to pay and the boat can stay in Malaysia for an unlimited time)
Price : USD $ 48,000 USD
Contact : the owner Dany Bourassa via email (danyboubou [at] hotmail.com), or via the Corbin 39 Facebook Group (under the name Dany Bourassa) or via telephone +1 418 623-1928

Details :

Hull : 020
Name : Nordic X
Moulded / Completed : 1979 / 1981
Type : Corbin 39, Centre Cockpit, Cutter rig (c/w taller double-spreader mast & bowsprit)
Registered : CAN 808117
Owner : Dany Bourassa
Homeport : Quebec, CANADA
Website : https://corbin39.org/020-nordic/
Email : danyboubou@hotmail.com
Full description : see below for downloadable 4-page pdf description.
Boat index page : https://corbin39.org/020-nordic/
Date Listed : 20-April-2022

FULL DESCRIPTION – download here as pdf

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