#163, Last Orders

#163 “Last Orders” is for sale in GUATEMALA at a price of USD 2,750

#163 is a Corbin 39 mk2 aft cockpit pilothouse cutter with the taller doublespreader mast and  bowsprit.

Peter Williams is an Australian who bought this Corbin 39 in approx 2014. He then sailed all around the bay of Honduras, then put it on the hard at Ram Marine 6yrs ago (2016) in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, because he got a skipper job in the Mediterranean for several years. So it’s been there ever since. Apparently a great hull etc. Just needs fixing up inside. Still at Rio Dulce, end 2022 in Ram Marina on the hard. Most of the photos were taken March-2023 apart from the one of her at the quayside which is approx 2016 when Peter was dockmaster on Fantasy Island on Roatan.

Regarding condition, apparently she is able to sail immediately, but not to motor. The motor transmission is in Abels marina for her. You can do your own work on her in Ram but you can’t use outside labour. Ram is a full service yard so you can contract the yard to do work for you.

She is for sale for USD 2,750 which is the amount that pays for the outstanding yard fees at Ram Marina as of March-2023. Peter stays on moorings on another boat he owns nearby (a 32′ sloop). Peter says “Anybody can av her for nothing if they wanna pay the fee she’s there’s, a great project all sails are good.” The point is that Peter is no longer able to take on the job of getting her afloat etc given his age etc. His preference is that she goes to “somebody who would appreciate her “. Hence the low price.

Peter can be contacted via the Corbin 39 Association facebook group – look for “Pete Williams”, or else go to the Ram Marina in Rio Dulce GUATEMALA and ask for him.

For info about Ram Marina and the Rio Dulce area see https://rammarina.com/ .

The index page for #163, “Last Orders” is at https://corbin39.org/163-last-orders/ .