Feedback for sellers

Gilles Lebrun was asked for his feedback on how the selling experience has improved as a result of being able to put an advert up in the Corbin 39 website and in the Facebook Group. Here are his responses in early 2021 which may interest and assist future sellers, or buyers.

Good day David, I will do my best to pass on my [selling] experiences via the website and facebook page and answer your questions.

Q1. Did the advert [on the Corbin website, and in the Corbin Group on facebook assist in creating interest and obtaining a sale ?
A1. The advertisement on Corbin 39 web site was very helpful along the selling process and as a place to showcase the boat. Most traffic (interested buyer’s) came from the various sailboat boat listing web sites and were requesting more info on the boat. That is where Corbin 39 web site came in to play. We referred to the website and potential buyers could look at pictures, description and full listing. Being on the website looking at the boat for sale can certainly lead to other website sections where newbies can appreciate the Corbin 39 community.

Q2. Did the development of the website & facebook group assist in promoting Corbin 39s and generating purchaser interest ?
A2. I can testify that since you took over the website and created a dynamic space with the facebook group page, interest in Corbin 39 have increase significantly and is now around Canada and abroad. The boats have been sailing around the world mainly unknown because of their low numbers. The website and Facebook page acted has a magnifying glass allowing the boating community to know more about a great sailboat that is lasting through generations.

Q3. Were potential purchasers better informed as the result of the website & facebook?
A3. I supposed that potential purchasers where acting diligently by reading the website and facebook page. There is a lot of information and discussions going on and this should contribute to a better knowledge on the Corbin. Moderators have to keep an eye to maintain the level of rigourousness. Some DIY website are all over the place which diminish the credibility of the content, and the Corbin one is very professional. I appreciated the approach and study on weather helm.

Thanks for your support and stay safe.
Happy sailing, fair wind.
Gilles Lebrun

(Gilles Lebrun & Jacinthe Cormier, were owners of #023, “Simmerdim” for 14-years, 2007 – 2021)

General guidance for buyers and sellers of Corbins is available here.