012 – La Verite

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Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull number012
Boat nameLa Verite (aka "Barnfind") (aka "Keepers")
Full HIN in standard format2CJ 00012 0679
Hull moulding (month-year)06-1979
Completion (month-year)unfinished - project very much in progress in 2022
Typemk1 CC-C with taller double-spreader mast and (so far, 2022) no bowsprit
Registry numberCAN 845926
Owner(s)Tom and Carole-Anne Elliott, 2022+ as "La Verite"
(Steve Monson, 2018- 2022 as informal name "Barnfind")
(Chuck & Karleen Corliss, 1988 - 2018 as informal name "Keepers")
(Vernon Sandel, 1979-1988)
Homeport and locationstarted in Michigan, then was Minnesota until late 2018.
Website / blog / etchttp://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f47/barn-find-corbin-39-a-203480.html
Brief historyUntil 2022 this was a unfinished mk1 CC-C with taller double spreader mast and Westerbeke/ Universal Atomics engine.

The first owner was Vernon Sandel of Dollar Bay, Michigan. He had the boat in his possession in 1981, but there is correspondence going back to July 23, 1979.

The second owner was Chuck and Karleen Corliss of St. Cloud, Minnesota, with their son Jayde. They bought her around October, 1988. The nominal hull name at that time was "Keepers" though she was not apparently officially named.

Steve Monson was the third owner, he bought the boat in 2018 to save her from destruction when the barn owner wanted her cleared out. He subsequently sold her in early 2022. At the time she was still unfinished, having been untouched and under cover in the barn with no attention for many years, in apparently excellent condition. At time of sale in early 2022 she was unfinished with many parts in storage awaiting fitting. She has apparently always been stored under cover (in a barn) and is in excellent condition. Informally known as "Barnfind" in the Corbin community for a few years.

Sold to Tom and Carole-Anne Elliott as fourth owners in early 2022 and very rapid build commenced, launched in WI in Summer 2022 and named "La Verite". Placed on CAN registry at this time.

The engine is a Universal Atomic diesel Model 5432 (Westerbeke bought Universal Atomic).
Other commentsDuplicate hull # reported, slight mismatch in HINs. See #12.1 ((Waba) (Angerica II)) and #11 (Jean Marie) as most likely causes, tbd. This barnfind is definitely #12 as Steve Monson has sent the HIN photo, which includes that characteristic use of a 2 vs a Z in the ZCJ group. Nevertheless placed on CAN registry with 'correct' use of ZCJ in the HIN.