Donate or pay

The Corbin 39 Association is run as a voluntary affair. A limited amount of professional support for web-hosting and web-design is paid for out of donations, and any meagre income from listings. Our Accounts are on open display here.

We have a bank account in the UK that can accept international payments. We have a PayPal account linked to this bank account. Joan Burdett-Coutts (partner of David Sharman) has kindly agreed to be in charge of these. Email us if you want to know the account details to make a direct bank payment (or look carefully at our financial accounts, it is best not to make these things too obvious). Otherwise you can use the DONATE button below to make a transfer via PayPal, and of course debit or credit cards are accepted by PayPal without the need to have a PayPal account.

If anyone wants to volunteer to keep the financial accounts that would be appreciated. Apart from that please give freely of your time and any information you may have, and of advice & expertise.