Sailing notes

Over the years owners shared questions and answers (Q&A) with each other regarding sailing characteristics of Corbins, and Marius Corbin also contributed to this. Some was collated by Lester Helmus and some was in other sailing forums. That information was gathered together in the FAQ where there are several topics addressed:

Following this the weather helm topic led to a focussed study in the 2019 – 2020 period that combined both anecdotal evidence of Corbin 39 performance with theoretical investigations, including the use of Velocity Prediction Programs (VPP) to predict optimal sailing performance of all of the different Corbin 39 rigs on a variety of different points of sail. As such this went far beyond being a simple weather helm investigation. For example it considered aspects such as the optimal reefing windspeed, or the optimum reefing angle of heel, or the effectiveness of spinnakers. The FAQ entry for Weather Helm is one way into accessing the series of reports that document this, or alternatively you can access these studies via the Longform Articles section. Below is one typical figure that was generated in the course of this, with this particular one (which is a set of polars at 2-knot windspeed intervals) being for the maximum speed of a Corbin 39 mk2 with or without a spinnaker, assuming the rig is optimally handled. There are many more insights in the set of studies referenced.

As you discover more sailing topics that need answering, or if you want fuller answers, then in the first instance please ask the question on the Facebook Group. We will then edit any helpful responses and update this Q&A periodically.