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Corbin 39 Association – facebook page

We use the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook as our place for rapid interaction. Please create yourself a Facebook account and participate. The Corbin 39 Facebook Group is the place for direct chit chat on anything Corbin-related, from how to seal hatches, pretty pictures of harbours, buying or selling advice, or anything. We harvest stuff from the Facebook Group into the website if we think it is of long-term relevance. So even if you ordinarily wouldn’t touch Facebook can we please gently encourage you to have a go. You must answer the “entry” questions when you apply to join the Corbin 39 Facebook Group as we do screen entrants – anybody with a genuine interest in Corbins whether an owner, an ex-owner, crew, or possible buyer gets let in, but you must answer the questions or you will be left sitting in the entrance hall because we simply don’t know who you are !

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