Summary list


Current or last known information

Click to view the latest summary list of up to date boat and owner information as a pdf. Alternatively go to the boat index to view all the photos and more information on each boat.

This is the latest data that we have been able to collect from public sources and/or which has been given to us by Members. Please note that we have not published contact details in these summary list. If you are an existing or past owner and do not want your full name publishing please contact us by email, to agree a suitable redacted version. However we will definitely continue to publish a partial owner’s name, and the full boat information as this is public-domain data.

If you see a mistake, or wish to add information, or fill in a gap in the information please contact us by email.

To contact an owner please look for them on our Corbin 39 Group page on Facebook. If you cannot find them there, or they do not respond to you, then contact us by email and we will try to relay a message. Please be patient!