Association volunteers

A group of volunteers do the necessary behind-the-scenes chores on behalf of the wider Corbin 39 community. So far they have simply self-selected by stepping forwards.

Website team

Founder and Webmaster: David Sharman (#123, Bockra)
Volunteer: George Weeks (#155, Blue Run)
More volunteers are most welcome, ideally one or two for web & newsletter stuff– please contact us. This tends to be the slower-paced area.

Facebook team

Founder and Admin: Ken Lund (enthusiast)
Moderator: Maxime Etienne Breton (#58, Katara)
Admin: David Sharman (#123, Bockra)
More volunteers are most welcome, ideally two or three for FB stuff – please contact us. This tends to be the faster-paced area.

Finance and money

It would be wonderful if someone could volunteer to take over the chore of the financial accounts.


Possible criteria for the mythical ideal volunteer might be that they should be Corbin 39 owners who intend to remain Corbin 39 owners for a considerable period of time (or be committed long-term crew and/or enthusiasts); be fairly organised IT-wise and/or boat-wise; have enough time to give; and be cooperative thoughtful responsible trustworthy personalities.

A key role, and explicit commitment, for volunteers is to act as multiple recipients of backups of the Association’s data, and to hold the ‘keys’ to the Website and Newsletters, and the Facebook Group, and the finances so that the unexpected incapacity or non-cooperation of any one individual would not unduly impede continued delivery of the Aims of the Association.

Please contact us by email if you’d like to volunteer, either as general help, or for a specific project. There are certainly many things that need doing as we try to pull things back together.