Selected photos

All photos are welcome. Click on an image to start the ‘selected photos’ carousel, which makes a great screen-saver. High resolution interesting gallery submissions for the ‘selected photos’ collection are most welcome.

These should broadly fulfil the following criteria:
Relevance: Include a Corbin 39 or its features
Boat details: Boat name, number and owner’s name (if they are known)
Image details: A title, with location details and date (if they are known)
Image size: Minimum 800 pixels width, maximum file size 10Mb
File format: JPG or PNG
Licence: By submitting an image you accept you are granting the Association a non-exclusive non-transferable licence to use the image for reasonable Association purposes. You are not giving away copyright.

Lower resolution and/or less interesting photos are also welcome and will be filed against the individual boat. The purpose of the ‘selected photos’ page is to get the most cracking shots that represent a Corbin 39. Email your photos or alternatively use a free file transfer service for numerous/large files.