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In life there is always some smallprint, and these are the Corbin 39 Association’s.

Who we are
We are the Corbin 39 Association. The Association exists as a completely free collective voluntary co-operative not-for-profit effort to bring together owners, crews, and enthusiasts from around the globe, who choose to become Members. We have not yet sought to be a domiciled and defined legal entity in any particular jurisdiction. We sincerely hope that the Terms & Conditions of Use, Data policies, and Privacy policies below are sufficient and proportionate to enable the Association to fulfill its Aims in a harmonious manner.

Our aims
The aims of the Association are:

  • to keep owners, crews, and enthusiasts in touch with one another;
  • to bring as many owners into the fraternity as possible;
  • to provide a long-lasting forum and means to securely store & share relevant information.

What we do
We run the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook. We run the Corbin 39 Website located at www.corbin39.org and any other similar Corbin-related URLs that we point at that Website. We run a Corbin 39 Newsletter distributed using MailChimp (or equivalent, now SendFox). We copy and share information between the Corbin 39 Group and the Corbin 39 Website and the Corbin 39 Newsletter. To do this we host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate and create derivative works of your content. These activities are carried out by unpaid volunteer Members on your behalf.

Terms & Conditions of Use
By choosing to participate in the activities of the Corbin 39 Association, whether via the Website, or the Facebook Group, or by receiving the Corbin 39 Newsletter or any other means such as email, you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions of the Association, and its Privacy policy, and its Data policy, and to abide by its Commitments and in doing so you are becoming a Member.

When using the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook you agree to comply with all of Facebook’s requirements. Additionally you agree that any content you share on the Facebook Group can be copied across by the Association to the Corbin 39 Association website, and you grant the Association a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to that content for reasonable Association purposes in support of the Aims. You are not giving away copyright.

There is – as yet – no direct way to interact on the Corbin 39 Association website. When submitting content by email or other means (including via the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook, and any other means) you agree that any content you submit can be placed by the Association on either the Facebook Group and/or the Corbin 39 Association website, and you grant the Association a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to that content for reasonable Association purposes in support of the Aims. You are not giving away copyright.

Moderation: On the Facebook Group we have a team of Volunteer moderators. On the Website and in the Newsletter the Volunteers will edit content. All content and all interaction should conform with normal civilised internet etc behaviour as set out in our Code Of Conduct. If it does not then the Volunteers have the authority to edit or remove content, and to suspend Members temporarily or exclude Members permanently.

Code Of Conduct: We are all here because of our interest in the Corbin 39 sailboat, and we can all be polite, kind, and respectful to others. The following actions will not be tolerated:

  • Insulting or bullying other members or non-members.
  • Offensive or violent language.
  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs.
  • No advertising of yours or someone else’s business. * Advertising a Corbin 39 is still allowed – see website at www.corbin39.org/category/corbin-39-boats-for-sale/

Please note: at the discretion of the Facebook Groups’ admins/moderators the the following possible actions may be taken without warnings to members, though a courtesy message may be subsequently issued indicating which Groups’ rule(s) were broken:

  • your posts/comments can be deleted, or/and;
  • you can be “muted” for some time, or/and;
  • you can be removed from the Group.

Disputes: In case of any disputes regarding Moderation etc please raise the matter with the two Founders (who are also the Facebook Group Admins) and who will jointly decide (contact them via the webmaster@ email, or via the Facebook Group).

Disclaimer of liability
The material and information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and is gathered from a variety of sources that are not always correct or in agreement with each other. You should not rely upon the material or information on the website as a basis for making any business, legal, technical or any other decisions. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk. Neither the Association nor the Volunteers will be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information presented.

Data policy
When using the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook then the Facebook Data policy applies.

The Association will store information required to be able to identify and respond to you. If you request we will delete that from our systems except when it identifies you as a past or present owner of a boat, as this information is available on public-domain registries and similar sources, and because this information is necessary to be retained to provide historical continuity in respect of any given boat.

You agree that we may store data on the Facebook platforms wherever they are located. You agree that we may transfer data backwards and forwards in either direction between EU/EEA countries and UK and USA and Canada depending on where our web and/or email and/or file servers are located and/or backed up at any given time. You agree that we may transfer data as required so as to enable Volunteers located in other countries (outside of the UK, EU/EEA, USA, Canada) to support the Aims.

Licence: We ask for a licence in respect of content. Please could you ordinarily (but not in extremis) consider it to be an irrevocable licence. The reason is that we receive information from many different sources, or it is public-domain information, and much of it is the same content. So if one person then asks us to delete it we would have to go to the great trouble of identifying all the different ways we had received a given piece of information and/or whether it was public-domain information before deciding whether it was indeed only provided by you and so should be deleted. That is an unreasonably onerous burden that is disproportionate in the context of the very modest resources of the Association. However so as to protect your interests we restrict our ‘ask’ very narrowly so that you can licence the same information elsewhere as you see fit (that is the “non-exclusive” bit); and we make the licence that you give us non-transferable; and we restrict it to being only for reasonable purposes in support of the Aims; and we make it clear that you are not transferring copyright to us. Also see further down for ‘Removal’.

Copyright and attribution: Especially at the beginning of setting up the Website and Facebook group there is a lot of content coming in. We are somewhat overwhelmed in trying to get things up tidily. Being honest identifying who might have been the original copyright holder, and acknowledging it, or attributing the source is not always immediately possible. If you think we have used some of your content and not given correct and/or sufficient attribution please contact us with details and we will try to correct any mistakes and oversights we have made.

Removal: We undertake that truly personal content would ordinarily be removed from the active files at your request, and our discretion (not to be ordinarily refused), provided that you show us where it is located on the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook and/or the Corbin 39 Website. We do not undertake that it would be immediately removed from any archived backups, but we note that normal archive cycling will in due course over-write these thereby achieving the same outcome.

Data request: For the Website and any email servers and fileservers any queries about data should be directed to the Webmaster. For the Facebook Group any queries should be directed to the Facebook Group Admin and/or Facebook Inc depending on what they are.

Privacy policy
When using the Corbin 39 Group on Facebook the standard Facebook privacy policies, tools, etc apply. Please see Facebook for details of these. Additionally please do not post public information on there that you would be unhappy if it were to be shared by copying across and collected in the Corbin 39 website where we will use relevant information in support of the Aims of the Association, as we will be doing exactly that.

When communicating with the Association we store information required to be able to identify and respond to you. We also store any information that you share with us that is helpful to the Aims of the Association. Much of this is made public by way of the Website and you can inspect all such on the Website. Some details, such as contact details are only ever made public in this way if you have implicitly or explicitly consented to this, and are otherwise held privately. We also gather and process data from publicly available sources, almost all of which we store and make available publicly on the Website.

On the Website we do not share any data with any third-parties except if required to do so by legislation; and on Facebook the Facebook Inc standard policies apply.

Commitments : Ownership, Finances, Dissolution
We commit that we will within a reasonable period of commencing operations put in place an archive and backup system such that more than one unconnected Association volunteer could reconstitute the Website if it were to ever be required; and so that the ‘keys’ to the Facebook Group are held by more than one unconnected Association volunteer. We commit that any domain name registrations, hosting contracts, etc that we as individuals enter into for the Association will be surrendered to other Volunteers if this is in the best interests of the Association’s Aims. In this way no single person should be able to end up with control over all the Association’s information and/or internet assets.

We commit that we will openly show the Association’s financial status in a reasonably transparent manner.

We commit that in case of dissolution of the Association that we would disburse any surplus financial funds to sailing charities.

Further guidance
Whilst we sincerely hope that the Terms and Conditions etc above will be sufficient it is also acknowledged that more detail may be required in some circumstances. If so it is sensible to set out where we would look for such guidance in advance of actually needing it. Therefore if further interpretation and more detailed guidance is to be required we would probably seek to align with Facebook (specifically Facebook Ireland or another EU/EEA location), and the EU/EEA GDPR, and would likely also turn to the Nicolson 31’s class association as a template.