The Corbin 39 was designed by Robert Dufour and built by Marius Corbin. The design features flush decks and ample freeboard. Production began in 1979 and continued until 1991 with about two hundred hulls produced. The design was available with either aft or centre cockpits; and either ketch or cutter or sloop rigged. The Corbin 39 proved to be an extremely good strong, safe, adaptable long distance family cruising boat and many have circumnavigated. They can be found homeported and cruising worldwide. Some are even raced, primarily for pleasure !

Welcome to the Corbin 39 Association

The Association exists as a completely free collective voluntary co-operative not-for- profit effort to bring together owners, crews, and enthusiasts from around the globe. We are funded from donations and do not levy membership fees. Some owners use our listings page to offer their Corbin 39 for sale.

The aims of the Association are:

  • to keep owners, crews, and enthusiasts in touch with one another;
  • to bring as many owners into the fraternity as possible;
  • to provide a long-lasting forum and means to securely store & share relevant information.

The Corbin 39 Association can be contacted via its Corbin 39 Group page on Facebook or by email, including if you wish to volunteer to assist: Facebook Group    or    Email us .  To be clear the Corbin 39 Facebook Group is our go-to place for rapid dissemination of news, gossip, chit-chat, asking and answering questions about anything Corbin-related. So sign up over there and be sure to answer the questions so we can check you have a valid reason to be admitted into the group, for example as an ex-owner, crew, enthusiast, possible buyer of a Corbin 39 for sale, whatever.

You can search the Corbin 39 Association website by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right. That will allow a search of the entire site, including the FAQ and the individual boat records. This website is the longer term information storage area for ourselves, and we only aim to send out newsletters once or twice a year. All the daily chit-chat takes place on our Corbin 39 Facebook Group.