Feedback for sellers

Gilles Lebrun was asked for his feedback on how the selling experience has improved as a result of being able to put an advert up in the Corbin 39 website and in the Facebook Group. Here are his responses in early 2021 which may interest and assist future sellers.

#189, Tangaroa V

Tangaroa V is one of the later aft-cockpit mk2’s and is for sale, currently located in Chiapas, Mexico. She is one of two Corbins that were factory-finished with a more open-plan main saloon through to the pilothouse.
USD $ 29,000
*** 23-July-2021 : sale pending / under offer ***

#057, Fire Lake

#057, "Fire Lake"

Fire Lake is an aft cockpit mk1 with the taller double-spreader mast and a bowsprit. Sold by the original owners after 40-years to Tony who has started updating her, he must now sell due to his relocating to Montana.
USD $ 40,000 or $45,000