If you wish to add videos please contact us by email or via the Facebook Group. Many of these boats and owners have made lots of videos so these are just a selection to introduce you to ideas of where to look for more.

#031, “Tereza” (ex “Voyager XIV”), videos courtesy of Ivan Golubar

Lifting out, Guatemala, 2015
This was after hitting a reef during his first solo trip, on the way from Florida to Cuba.

Atlantic, Bermuda – Azores, July 2019
This is several years later, crossing the Atlantic towards Ivan’s home country of Slovenia. See (here) for the full blog.

#043, “Balmacara”, videos courtesy of Max Toebe

Delivery voyage from St. Petersburg to Stuart thru the Okeechobee waterway. Here is the exciting tilt under the Port Mayaca railroad bridge in Florida (49′ clearance) !

#073, “Jakatar”, videos courtesy Horacio Marteleira

Interior of #073, “Jakatar”  and see (here) for the full blog.

#126, “Reimagined” (ex “Lapu Lapu”) videos courtesy Scott Andrew Hartill

Moving by road, through some tight squeezes

Installation of wood-frame winter cover for winter refit in Canada

Refit, stage 3: beginning work

Refit, stage 4: renovation of head a V-berth

#135, “Petit Chantier” (ex “Necessity”), videos courtesy of Anabelle Bilodeau & Eloi Maro

51. Bienvenus dans le NOUVEAU Bateau! (Voilier les Copains) = 51. Welcome to the NEW Boat! (Voilier les Copains)
The long awaited moment! We finally reveal to you the boat that we have just bought, … the projects of future work sites, and our beginnings of organization on board. Welcome aboard,…

L’HEURE DE VOILE | 35 min: 15-20kts de Vent au Bon Plein [Exumas jusqu’à Eleuthera] = SAILING TIME | 35 min: 15-20kts of Wind at Bon Plein [Exumas to Eleuthera]
35-minutes of passagemaking under sail, closehauled in fine Caribbean weather.

74. L’APPRENTISSAGE d’un BATEAU, cap vers le SUD (Voilier les Copains) = 74. LEARNING a BOAT, heading SOUTH (Voilier les Copains)
after a few weeks in the Abacos in the north of the Bahamas that we saw a nice weather window appear to make progress towards the south. Our 2nd time at sea with the new boat! …

#150, “Veliserdi”, videos courtesy Serge Charbonneau

Notre première traversée de l’Atlantique de l’île de St-Martin jusqu’à l’archipel des Açores.
Shot in 2005 by Serge Charbonneau on board the Véliserdi and is a compilation of their first transatalantic crossing

Dernière écluse pour Paris = Last lock before Paris
Shot in September 2005 by Serge Charbonneau on board the Véliserdi as they started their transit of the French canal system from Le Havre to the Mediterranean via Paris

#174, “Anakena”, videos courtesy Bill Schmid

Using a storm sail aka ‘trisail’
Going down the coast in 2015 off Oregon I don’t remember what the wind was in the video both legs we did started out at 12 and built to high 30s to low 40s I used the trisail because it was easier than messing with the boom.

#198, “Maltese Falcon”, videos courtesy Mario Borg

Rough weather in mid-Atlantic
This is our last crossing from St Martin to the Azores 2010. We hit the edge of a tropical depression hove-to for 13 hours and slept right through it, Had all the lights on and radar and all alarms on. sustained wind of 48 knots triple reef in the main no other sail. It was very comfortable.

#311, “Abenaki”, videos courtesy of Olly James & Alyssa Doyle Nolan

Flying a spinnaker near Singapore

Sunday dreaming! Happy cruising! Uninhabited Islands

Ploughing away in the South China Sea

P20s racing in Singapore with a Corbin 39 gatecrashing their regatta

Reaching in the South China Sea

Dogs at sea !