038 – Dragon Star

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Hull number38
Boat nameDragon Star (ex Porpoise)(ex Shibumi II)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00038 1279
Hull moulding (month-year)12-1979
Completion (month-year)xx-1985
Typemk1 PH-C single spreader no bowsprit
Registry numberCAN 801402
Owner(s)MICHAEL DAVISON. 2015+
(Nick & Jean Fenger, 1997 to 2015)
(Catherine Ascah)
(Norman Corbett, 1980 - c.199x)
Homeport and location?? Victoria, B.C., Canada / Victoria
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyCertainly went to Bora Bora at one time. Sold by Norman Corbett in early 90s, then renamed to Porpoise, then to Dragon Star. Norman Corbett bought the hull then he and another guy rigged/finished it in Oshawa, Ontario before shipping it to BC. He and his wife lived aboard for some time in the 80s in Blaine, WA then Gibsons, BC. The Fengers sold her to Davison after after completing a 4 year journey through the South Pacific. Now based in Vancouver area, cruising northwards.
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