060 – Sarpedon

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Hull number060
Boat nameSarpedon (DreamWeaver) (Southbound II) (?Dream Hunter?)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00060 0480
Hull moulding (month-year)04-1980
Completion (month-year)1982-1985
Typemk1 PH-C with double-spreader and bowsprit
Registry numberCAN 805334
Owner(s)Amanda and Bryan Daugherty (May 2023+)
Rene Higgins (?1980 to May 2023)
Homeport and locationFlorida (Bermuda), (QC, Quebec, Canada)
Website / blog / etchttps://youtube.com/@sailingsarpedonhttps://youtube.com/@sailingsarpedon
Brief historyRecords on the boat suggest Rene was the original owner. He purchased bare hull in 1980 and completed interior in 1985. He circumnavigated and cruised for 15 years and then brought her back to the boat shed for an interior redesign. After 10 years she relaunched and he spent about another 5-10yrs in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Shortly before COVID he brought her to Florida and put her on the market due to health concerns. After a survey in 2019, Rene worked on addressing the survey concerns and the Daughtertys purchased in May 2023. Aim is to love from CAN reg to US reg and relocate to Jacksonville, FL.
Other commentssee also #320 which may be the same boat