083 – Ramble On

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Hull number083
Boat nameRamble On (Ne'r Do Well) (Cap au Sud) (Cap Oceane) (Tamalmar)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00083 0980
Hull moulding (month-year)09-1980
Completion (month-year)07-1986
Typemk1 PH-C, no bowsprit, single spreader
Registry numberUS 1292581 (CAN 802512)
Owner(s)Todd Edger and Debie Grant, Jan-2019+ and moved onto US-registry as "Ramble On
(unknown German via Canadian nephew Christain Hadrich: approx. 2014 - 2019, as " Ne'r Do Well " on CAN-registry)
(Ray & Heather Sullivan, pos ??2009 ?? - 2014 as "Ne'r Do Well" on CAN-registry) (at least 5-years given “they gutted the interior, did a complete refit, and 5 year Caribbean cruise”)
(Richard Charbonneau, 1998 - ?? 2009 ??) possibly ultimately named as "Ne'r Do Well", based Gaspe, Quebec
(Vic & Chris Reynolds, Jan 1981 - 1998) as "Tamalmar", based Whitby, Ontario
Homeport and locationScarborough, Canada (St. Andrews, NB, Can.)(Quebec)
FlagUSA, likely from 1-Mar-2022 as "Ramble On" per USCG records
CAN, likely until 1-Mar-2022. Last registered as "NE'R DO WELL" based in Gaspe, Quebec, until deregistered Aug-2018
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Brief historyThe early history information is from Chris Reynolds.

"She was purchased as a motor-away package. We went to the factory in Feb of 1981 to paint antifouling on the hull, deliver a custom stemhead/anchor roller for Corbin's team to install, install mooring cleats, and to see the progress, as we would be taking delivery within a couple of months. Maurius Corbin was quite welcoming and generous, offering the use of his staff and equipment whilst we were there.

The boat was delivered to Port Whitby Marina on May 17, 1981 and went straight from trailer to travelift to water. The boat was then motored across the basin to Whitby Yacht Club, where she was completed over a 5-ish year period. She was considered 'complete' in July of 1986.

In September of 1986, we sailed her from Whitby, Ontario, Canada, to New York City, via the Erie Barge Canal and the Hudson river. Her ultimate destination was the Caribbean, where she was a live-aboard home for two years. After the Caribbean adventure, she came back to Lake Ontario, where she was moored at Cobourg Marina until she was sold in the 1990s.

I believe she was sold to Rob Charboneaux of Montreal, Canada. Subsequently when I discovered Lester's website (i.e. between ~2000-2015), I saw hull 083 recorded as currently named "N'er Do Well", and had a home port in the maritime provinces of Canada. "

The German owner had her registered via his nephew in Canada. She was purchased from the Sullivans in Panama.

The Sullivans must have had her for at least 5-years. They did a complete refit, gutted the interior, and cruised the Caribbean for 5-years before selling in Panama.
Other commentspossible mistaken report as ZCJ0680980
possible mistaken attribution with various boat names, - less certain re "Cap Au Sud" and "Cap Oceane"