087 – Octopus I

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Hull number087
Boat nameOctopus I
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00087 0980
Hull moulding (month-year)09-1980
Completion (month-year)xx-1986
Typemk1 PH-C no bowsprit, double-spreader
Registry numberCAN 806533
Owner(s)Kyle Scott of Smiths Falls, Ont., Canada, 2024+
Gerry & Brigitte Stuurop (1992 - 2024)
Cabinetmakers (1980-1992)
Homeport and locationMontreal, Port Sherry
Website / blog / etchttp://stuurop-retiredandlovingit.blogspot.com/
Brief historyThe first owners were two cabinet makers from Quebec. They focussed more on finishing the interior than on sailing.

Brief history of time with the Stuurop family :
Sailed Lake Ontario in 1992, then had to go abroad for employment and didn't get back to her until 2002 when I sailed her to NovaScotia and across to Puerto de Santa Maria via the Azores in 2003, relying on a handheld Garmin GPS for navigation (I did have extra batteries and a sextant for backup)...We moved on board permanently in 2004 and spent 9 wonderful years in the Med: Spain, Tunisia, Malta, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel (visited Jordan), Egypt. Moved ashore in 2013 but sailed her from Turkey to Trinidad in 2015 via Gibraltar, Canaries, Cape Verde Islands and to Canada the following year via St. Thomas and Florida. There I put her on a freighter, traversed the Panama Canal and was dropped in Victoria, B.C., Canada. In 2024 the time came to let her go. We have memories and stories, though...

Initially fitted with a Perkins 4108 which had at some time been maltreated and gave lots of problems. Also, the initial prop was way undersized. Later re-engined to a Yanmar 4JH5E in Turkey (approx 2012) also replaced the prop and subsequently Octopus I was doing 7 to 8 knots in flat water rather than just foaming the water. "Should have done that at the beginning, not toward the end. "
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