109 – Sea Bird

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Hull number109
Boat nameC-Bird (Sea Bird)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00109 0681
Hull moulding (month-year)06-1981
Completion (month-year)? 2023 ?
Typemk1 CC-K, double-spreader mast with no bowsprit
Registry numberUS 667872
Owner(s)Rick Cloutier (2021+)
(David Preston, 1981 - 2020)
Homeport and locationDaytona, Florida
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyPhoto located in 2020 is of hull when ~85% complete. This boat was started in Virginia same time as #076, "Jubilee", i.e. early '80s. It made a trip from Norfolk to New Jersey under engine and returned never to be finished due to the poor health of the owner (David Preston, see below), though it subsequently moved to Florida. The interior was done by a man who had already built a Westsail and went on to build other interors professionally. Excellent craft manship reported by two different people.

Sea Bird was sistership to #76 Jubilee. Both were started from the bare hull in Hampton Roads virginia. A professional boatwright worked on the interior to a fine effect. Sadly the original owner was transferred and construction was stopped . I understand the vessel was finally finished under the supervision of Howdy Bailey who is also a professional boat builder with high standards.

David Preston was the father in law of Rick Cloutier. When David died he gifted SEA BIRD to Rick as he was the only one in the family who could finish her. Currently (2022) her electrical is in, propane and stove installed. She is in Newport News getting all the parts in storage installed. The water tanks finished and installed and plumbed. The new Perkins 50 hp, new fuel tanks, trans, and prop are in. The bottom is done and she is back in the water. Hoping to deliver her to Daytona this spring-2022.

Double spreader, mast was made by Cinkel, now defunct company in Canada who made Isomat clones. It's a taller mast than the normal ketch specs. Is 54.6'. Bought mast at the same time as #76, "Jubilee".

The later run of photos were taken in Nov-2023 in Norfolk, VA and show that Sea Bird has quite clearly made progress.
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