143 – Sputnik III (Alianna)

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Hull number143
Boat nameSputnik III (Alianna) (Agate) (??? COQUINA)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00143 0383
Hull moulding (month-year)03-1983
Completion (month-year)xx-1983
Typemk2 PH-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry number(UK SSR)
(US 907217)
Owner(s)Mateusz Stodulski, 2016+ (as Sputnik III)
(Henryk ... 2013 to 2016) (as Alianna)
(Simeon & Rosie Hoggarth, 2011 - 2013) (as Alianna)
(Ed Kane .... 1999) (as Agate)
Homeport and locationPoland ( USA ) (Falmouth, UK / Venezuela)(Antigua)
Website / blog / etchttp://www.yacht.alianna.co.uk/p/alianna-for-sale.html
Brief historyCruised by Simon & Rosie Hogarth in Caribbean 2011-2013.
Circumnavigated with Mateusz Stodulski to June 2018.

Mateusz reports in 2021, "From UK she sailed to Caribbean where she was sold (as Alianna) to another owner. I found her in Le Marin Martinique (2016) and bought 50% of the yacht to finish my circumnavigation (started from Poland in 2014). After changing her name to SPUTNIK III we sailed from Martinique to Pacific, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Medi and back to Poland via French and German rivers. Now she is in Poland, registered in Kamień Pomorski."
Other commentsZCJ 143 0283, note USCG ref to Coquina. So some confusion over whether 0283 or 0383.