149 – Maru

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Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull number149
Boat nameMaru (Stella) (Gangawa)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00 149 0583
Hull moulding (month-year)05-1983
Completion (month-year)xx-1985
Typemk2 PH-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry number(CAN 815731)
Owner(s)Janos Demeter, 2022+ (as "Maru" from Jan-2023)
(Brian Tennant, 2013 to 2022)
(Terry Forsbrey, 1988 - to 2013)
(Bill McGillvrey, 1983/5 - 1988)
Homeport and locationPhillipines (Waikawa / New Zealand) (Toronto/Opua, New Zealand)
Website / blog / etchttps://www.canadianyachting.ca/boat-reviews/sail/1162-corbin-39-sail-boat-review
Brief historyWe bought it from Bill McGilvery from Ontario Canada in 1988. It was called Gangawa. We renamed her Stella and refitted it over the years and we were mentioned in an article in Canadian Yachting magazine https://canadianboating.ca/boat-reviews/corbin-39-sail-boat-review/ explaining the modifications we made to her, reducing the weather helm and making her a much faster boat.

We sailed Stella in 1995 to the Caribbean, and through the Panama Canal arriving in New Zealand 2001. Sailed from 2001 to 2006 to Figi, Tonga,Vanuatu and up over the equator to Marshal islands and finally back to New Zealand. We love New Zealand and decided to stay and open a business or two. Citizenship followed and we sold Stella to Brian Tennant.

1996 Winter article in Canadian Yachting, "Terry Forsbrey is the second owner of Stella, a later-model kit-boat that is one of the best looking and best-equipped Corbins I have seen. Before heading down to Chesapeake Bay, Forsbrey had Wiggers Custom Yachts in Bowmanville, Ont. fair the hull and paint the topsides – a job that included spraying on, then sanding back, five coats of epoxy primer before the topcoat went on. This completely removed the fibreglass roving show-through that affects some of the Corbin hulls. To be fair, however, the glass work on these boats is otherwise very good. Forsbrey recalls, "One day when I was down at Wiggers, I met with [CY columnist] Steve Killing. When I asked him about the weather helm I was experiencing, Killing made a quick sketch to extend the forward edge of my skeg by seven inches. Wiggers made the modifications and they have made a big difference to Stella’s performance." Forsbrey also added a high roach, fully battened mainsail, and removed the suggested amount of rake from the rig. With this turbo-charged set-up he won the Oshawa Clipper Race, a double-handed, 100-mile race across Lake Ontario. "These boats sail well in light airs," Foresbrey adds, "and I find I can ghost along and pass many other more performance-oriented boats. She is not sharp to windward in light winds, but get her moving and she carries her way."

Moved to Philippines pre 2018, after a long period in NZ area, a mk2, with Brian Tennant. In 2019 and 2021 driven onto a sandy beach twice whilst anchored during hurricanes, when the anchor chain (or lock) broke. At the time there was nobody aboard, note this included the Covid period when there were considerable travel etc restrictions. Both times Brian Tennant was able to extricate her from the sandy beach. The second occasion (2022) some skeg damage occurred, after which she was gently sailed to Subic Bay for skeg repairs, and sold at this point to Janos Demeter.

Janos fixed the skeg and rudder and critical systems in Subic during a 3-month period, then sailed her to Cebu for further refit. Renamed to "Maru" in Jan-2023 when relaunched. Hull painted blue at this time and pilothouse windows masked off to become circular.

Other commentsHIN confirmed with very clear photo 11-Oct-2022

A mk2 with the later moulded pilothouse/deck seam.