157 – Fabled Past

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Hull number157
Boat nameFabled Past (Fulcrum and Amoreena )
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00157 1283
Hull moulding (month-year)12-1983
Completion (month-year)xx-1986
Typemk2 PH-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry numberUS 907360
Owner(s)Thomas Knight 2004+
(Kevin Carrigan 2001 - 2003)
(John Carnett, 2000 - 2001) as "Fulcrum"
(unknown, 1997 - 2000) based Geogetown near Annapolis, MD
(unknown, 1983 - 1997, pos as "Amoreena")
Homeport and locationFells Pt, Baltimore, MD (Jersey City, NJ)
Website / blog / etchttps://www.sailblogs.com/member/mombo/445266
Brief historyHistory of the vessel Fabled Past (HIN#: ZCJ001571283)

By Kevin Carrigan

Our 1983 39’ Corbin Pilothouse was built in French Canada, and launched in Galveston, TX in 1983. Other than this bit of knowledge, we actually know very little about the history and adventures that this boat has been through. That said, there are some rumors that have been passed down to Angelika and I, the 4th owners.

The first owner apparently left Galveston and cruised the Caribbean for a while. After some time in the islands, he crossed the Atlantic and sailed in the Mediterranean for several years. At one point, we are told, he took down the mast, strapped tires to the freeboard, and cruised inland Europe, including a visit to Paris. At some point he returned to the Americas, where the boat spent some time at anchor, before being bought by the second owner.

The second owner purchased the boat in 1997 and spent countless hours and ungodly sums of money over several years in preparation for a circumnavigation. Without a doubt, the work he did in Gerogetown near Annapolis, MD made this boat quite possibly one of the best Corbin’s on the market. This included all new wiring (every single strand), all new plumbing, four new water tanks, a new diesel tank, all new rigging, furling main sail, staysail, and genoa, radar, integrated B&G instruments, GPS, a new Yanmar 72 hp Turbo Engine (v-drive), joystick steering and hydraulic autopilot, and new teak and holly pilothouse floors. Without a doubt, this owner prepared the vessel well, and we owe him a deep debt of gratitude. Due to a terminal illness, he was never able to fulfill his dream.

In 2000, Popular Science Staff Photographer and intrepid adventurer John Carnett bought the vessel, named it Fulcrum and continued to lavish it with tender love and care. John added six 6 volt batteries, a high output alternator, Espar heating, Seafrost refrigeration, eight Lewmar Ocean hatches, a wind generator with custom stainless steel pole, and a Monitor Wind vane amongst other things. As the winds of fate would have it, around the same time that John fell in love with his girlfriend and soon to be wife, we fell in love with his boat. We courted her for a while, visited her often, and as our relationship developed, we knew she was the one. When John decided to leave his life on the water and buy a house in Philadelphia shortly after September 11th, we knew what had to be done, but we did not think we could afford it, despite the fact that John gave us a very fair price. As he headed out of NY Harbor on way down to sell it in Annapolis, Poseidon gave him some nasty seas, and he called me from Atlantic City to tell me the story. We missed her already, and she had only been gone for a day! I told him not to move, and Angelika and I went down to survey and deliver our baby.

Since our purchase in October of 2001, we have reupholstered the cushions and improved the storage areas with canvas covering and new hardware, added a water purifier, installed a MOB/ Dive gear/ Outboard lifting device, installed screens on the hatches, re-finished the varnish and tread master, purchased an EPIRB and other safety gear, and prepared the vessel for it’s next long voyage in too many little personal ways to list. We are now ready to take our Corbin Fabled Past offshore to the Caribbean.
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