158 – Swell Dish

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Hull number158
Boat nameSwell Dish (Chaos !)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00158 0184
Hull moulding (month-year)01-1984
Completion (month-year)07-1984
Typemk2 PH-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry number
Owner(s)Burke Vanderhoef 2019+
(Gene & Patti Stoddard 2008 - 2018)
(Doug & Jean Archibald 1984 - 2008)
Homeport and locationKittery Pt, ME/Oxnard, CA
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyfactory finish (12/15) (nb. ! ZCJ01580184)

Purchased by Burke Vanderhoef in March 2019 from Gene Stoddard. BV replaced and or added considerable equipment as well. The boat currently (mid-2020) resides in Morro Bay California and regularly cruises the west coast (mostly central and southern CA coast but a trip is planned for March 2021 to Seattle area (Puget Sound) for a couple of years. Some of the equipment the boat has is: 150 gal per day water maker, 4.2 kw generator 2 ea; radar,gps,wind system, depth Sounders Dickensian heater, central heating and AC, bow thruster, Yanmar 54 hp diesel with 1600 hrs , refrigerator and freezer water cooled, 420 watts solar, hydraulic steering from both stations. Ready to cruise the world.
Other commentsThere are two potential confusions to be careful about with respect to this boat. Note that one photo has the 129 sail number and another 153. The sail number is likely explained because some owners sold sails to each other at various times. It looks to me like Marius sold his used #129 “StradiMarius” sails to “Chaos !” at some point. They have since sewn new 153 numbers on the sails.

However I also think that Chaos ! is #158, not #153. That is because of the dates of the reported HIN, taken from the stern, are ZCJ 00153 0184 which means that reported hull #153 would have been made in 01-1984. Since “Brillo del Sol” was ZCJ 00154 1183, and similar 1983 datestamps are available for #150-#155 the 1983 nature of the #150-#155 run is not in doubt. The most likely explanation is that the HIN is being mis-read as ‘3’ due to damage and it is in fact ‘8’. There are other such instances. Either that or someone in the Corbin yard got their admin all messed up, which was unusual and by late 1983 they seemingly had that sort of thing back under control. However until we see a good quality HIN photo we cannot be sure if the 3=8 is the correct understanding of what has happened.