167 – Marion Mae

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Hull number167
Boat nameMarion Mae 2011+ (Jakealoo, 2011) (Tiaga, 1985 - 2010)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00167 0585
Hull moulding (month-year)05-1985
Completion (month-year)07-1995
Typemk2 PH-CC-K (double spreader 50' tall mast, mk2)
Registry numberIMO D1030549
Owner(s)Marion + Eric + Matt Dunckel 2011+
(P Varney, 2010 - 2011)
(Tom & Melody Taylor, 1985 - 2010)
Homeport and locationMilton, VT / Alpena, Michigan on Lake Huron
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyPossibly the only red Corbin ever built, definitely the only red hulled ketch. Tiaga came to VT on July 17, 1985 & spent the next 10 years on the family farm where we finished the interior. Or -- almost finished - we had some few things left to do when she was launched in 1995. We continued to work on her during the summers on her mooring & made our first trip down the ICW in1998. Back to VT in '99 & had to do some engine work that next summer. Back to Titusville, FL on 2001 where she stayed the rest of the time we owned her. We went to the Bahamas once & once down the Florida Keys to Marathon. (We didn't get in a lot of long trips as we had to come back to VT in the early spring and all summers to go to work).

Tiaga sold in 2010 to Varney who was living in Nova Scotia & thought our boat would be a good boat for those waters. Inside steering probably added in 2011. After re-powering & doing some interior work on her & renaming her to "Jakealoo" - he left Florida, but for some reason his plans changed and he sold her in 2011 in Georgia.

In 2011 Matt Dunckel bought her and renamed her Marion Mae. We understand that they ripped out our interior & replaced it w/the same design that Corbin used in his plans.
Other commentsmisreported as ZCJ0167F585