187 – Lagerhead

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Hull number187
Boat nameLagerhead (Toboggan) (Camalu)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 00187 0788
Hull moulding (month-year)07-1988
Completion (month-year)xx-1991
Typemk2 PH-CC-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry numberUSA .... 2019+
(previously CAN 813931)
Owner(s)Diane & Dave Rhodes, 2019+ (as "Lagerhead") on USA reg
(Garrett Goncalo & Kyle Sharp, 2018-2019, as "Toboggan")
Stephen & Nancy Lefneski (as "Toboggan", 2004-2017)
?? (Camalu)
?? (Nakiska - the original name, engraved internally)
Homeport and locationOntario, Canada / Wiarton, Ontario
FlagUSA, 2019+
(previously CANADA)
Website / blog / etcwas at http://tobogganride.com/

Videos on Instagram of "A Void In Ice" at:
Brief history"Nakiska" is the original name, engraved internally.

The Lefneskis bought her in 2004 and sold her in 2017. They circumnavigated with her and finished in 2010. They did a refit of the boat in 2011 with the hopes of going again but they never did.

They sold her in 2017 to two Canadian Air Force pilots (GARRETT GONCALO / KYLE SHARP) who planned to sail her through the northwest passage in 2018. At one point headed north towards Baffin Island and the NE passage, see "A Void In Ice" videos, photo etc. They got as far as Greenland with Matt Rutherford but the passage iced in that year and only 3 boats got through. They left the boat in Nova Scotia and that's where the Rhodes bought her in 2019, reflagging to USA.
Other commentsL788/1991 (K>C)

62 hp Vetus P 4.25