200 – Complicite

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Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull number200 ?
Boat nameComplicite
Full HIN in standard formatn/a - see note*
(would be ZCJ 00200 0291 if it had been stamped)
Hull moulding (month-year)02-1991
Completion (month-year)2000
Typemk2 PH-CC-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry numberCAN 815978
Owner(s)Tess Fraser & Brett Vlaanderen, 2022+
Peter Frederick Tye (2017 - 2021)
R. Dupuis/M.Ethier (1991-2017)
Homeport and locationMontreal/Montreal
Website / blog / etchttps://www.dignitymemorial.com/en-ca/obituaries/london-on/peter-tye-10028750
Brief historyWhen Corbin Inc failed and the third yard closed in 1990 someone (it may have been Giles Bastien, or maybe someone else) bought the moulds and set them outside in the winter. Raymond Dupuis decided to build himself a "Corbin" and in early-1991 he employed the ex-Corbin yard manager Gaetan Duchesne to work for him on the project. He arranged to use the moulds. Together they emptied the moulds out of ice & snow and bought it into a small yard/workshop he rented in St. Edouard, Quebec. They moulded the hull in Feb 1991 as he recalls this well because of the cold. This hull was a completely fresh set of mouldings using the original Corbin Inc moulds. This was “Complicite” and subsequently they moved her to a marina and completed the fitting out. Everything was done exactly as if it had been done by Corbin Inc. including the deck being a glass/ply/glass sandwich. The wife of Raymond Dupuis is M. Ethier and they owned and sailed her together until 2017 when they sold her to Peter Tye.

(DS, For completeness Gaetan Duchesne has explained to me that then he built #201 in the same way for another customer, and that was the last one.)

In 2017 Peter Tye bought her and after making various additions etc (e.g. stern arch c/w solar and davits and wind turbine) sailed south and westwards. After sailing the Caribbean, Peter successfully sailed across the Pacific Ocean and then throughout the South Pacific, visiting the many islands of Polynesia. Whilst in Fiji in approx 2020 he needed to return home to Canada to care for his sick mother, and he himself subsequently died in early 2021.

The boat was (2021) for sale in Fiji. In some of the photos she can be seen in a yard in Fifi with the keel in a pit, rather than on a cradle - this is a hurricane precaution. When surveyed in 2022 it was observed that the outer hull had been slightly dented inwards where the tires that lined the pit's edge had borne the weight as point loads. The dents were not thought to be materially important. However a learning point for anyone using a hurricane pit for an extended period is that it is better if the boat still rests on its keel, and that the keel takes the majority of the weight.
Other comments*DS, 08/2021 - Firstly in my opinion this is a Corbin 39, even if it was not built by Corbin Inc. It is the same plans, the same moulds, the same yard manager, the same everything except for a ZCJ number in the HIN stamp on the stern. Secondly all credit to Raymond Dupuis for being so open to us about the origin of this boat and the subsequent one (L'Aventure III / Philosophe). Thirdly at this time we cannot be precisely sure that this was hull #200, but we are sure she was the hull immediately before "L'Aventure/Philosophe", so if Transport Canada were correct in assigning #201 to that hull then this hull is #200. It may be that further info surfaces in the future that indicates this was really hull #201 in which case we will have to update the records to reflect anything more that we learn in due course. Later in 08/2021 Gaetan Duchesne independently confirmed all this information (to DS).

(would be ZCJ ZCJ 00200 0291 if it had been stamped)