201 – Philosophe

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Hull number201
Boat namePhilosophe (L'Aventure III)
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 000201 0791
Hull moulding (month-year)07-1991
Completion (month-year)xx-1998
Registry numberCAN 814868
Owner(s)Judith Plante (2021)
(Patrick Loisel & Marie José Durand (9218-2401 QUEBEC INC)
(Luc & Richard St Pierre)
(Gilles Grimmard, 1991 - ??)
Homeport and location/ Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyThe ?? pre-2015 note from Patrick Loisel and Marie Jose Durand to Lester Helmus that said "We bought LAventure III from Luc and Richard St Pierre and we renamed this boat: Philosophe. There is no hull number as it has been the last boat built in 1991 by Corbins former employee Gilles Grimard. As two boats have been build with Corbin molds after .... " seems to be slightly incorrect according to information from Raymond Dupuis (see "Complicite") that was supplied in 08/2021.

Raymond Dupuis explained that this boat ("L'Aventure III / Philosophe) was moulded in a fourth yard in St Edouard, Quebec in 07/1991 after Corbin Inc closed. Apparently Gilles Grimard, who was not a Corbin employee, built this boat using the services of Gaetan Duchesne who was the ex-Corbin-Inc yard manager and the original moulds. They used the same workshop in St Edouard that was used by Raymond Dupuis and Gaetan Duchesne to mould "Complicite" which was moulded in 02/1991. These are believed to be the only two boats moulded in the St Edouard workshop. Later in 08/2021 Gaetan Duchesne independently confirmed all this information (to DS), so the information given by Raymond Dupuis is correct. Gaetan Duchesne is not aware of any Corbin 39 that was moulded after #201.

Both L'Aventure III and Complicite completed their fitting out in the same marina. Apparently L'Aventure III was finished in approx 1998, not 1992 as was previously reported.
Other comments(DS comment: my previous note "maybe the last boat built in 1991 by Corbins former employee Gilles Grimard" was written prior to the full explanation being given to me by Raymond Dupuis in 08/2021)

Judith Plante is sister of Louis- Philippe Desmarais Plante who is owner of #88, "Lumar"

(It is unclear whether Transport Canada were aware of "Complicite" when they gave L'Aventure III the HIN of ZCJ 000201 0791. So it is possible that the #201 should really be #202.)