310 –  Ocean Fever

The #300-series of numbers are temporary until we can identify their correct hull number. We welcome your contributions: If you can add more info or more photos please contact us by email.

Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull numberunknown, temp 310
Boat nameOcean Fever
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 000
Hull moulding (month-year)believed 1983
Completion (month-year)
Typemk2 PH-C with bowsprit and double-spreader
Registry numberUSCG 654765
Owner(s)David B. “Barney” McCracken, 1983 +
Homeport and locationTitusville, PA, USA
Website / blog / etcN3ILR on https://www.yachttrack.org/yachtlogbuch/Index.php?WW-Call:N3ILR
Brief historyDavid B. “Barney” McCracken is the father and owner of the Corbin 39 "Ocean Fever", which is currently (2022) in Fiji. Left Erie, PA in 1985 for an Atlantic circuit. With Jerry Carson as crew sailed from Dingwall Harbor, Nova Scotia to the Azores on Corbin 39 "Ocean Fever" in 1987, then on to Faro in Portugal and into Med. Then sailed around the world with the family from 1991-1996. As of 2022 was in port of Vuda, Fiji.

The son Ben McCracken, age 26 in 2014, bought a different boat in Biloxi, Miss that had sunk in Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and was about to set sail on it in 2014. after restoring it - we do not know the name or type of this boat. He is/was an airline pilot.
Other commentsLikely to be #137, or #139, or #142.