329 – Touch The Clouds

The #300-series of numbers are temporary until we can identify their correct hull number. We welcome your contributions: If you can add more info or more photos please contact us by email.

Hull number(329, temporary)
Boat nameTouch The Clouds
Full HIN in standard formatZCJ 000
Hull moulding (month-year)1979
Completion (month-year)
Typemk1 PH-C no bowsprit double-spreader
Registry number(CAN 802044)
Owner(s)Amelie ....
? (John Christian)
Homeport and location? Canoe Marna
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyoff CAN register 2011-11-15.

The keel is a modified version with an early wing keel, like the ones the Australian did during Americas World Cup

The boat was owned by John Christian, he sailed it from Quebec with his friend Amelie who then became his partner. They sailed around the world together then up to Salt Spring Island (near Sidney town, out from Vancouver city). He got sick and later passed away. She took the boat over and eventually her new partner was supposed to take her (TTC) back out sailing, but it got broken into a few times. Eventually he sailed on a Spencer 35 from Hawaï to BC and disappeared, presumed lost at sea. [Amelie] is a firm believer that it wouldn’t of happened on the Corbin 39. TTC currently lives on a mooring ball at Canoe Cove (near Nanaimo).
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