#4. Newsletter of 2021

Please excuse me for being a month late issuing this newsletter for 2021 in early Feb 2022.


That photo is of Eloi Maro when he was younger and on the boat of Gaëtan Girard who took the picture and passed it to me. Now of course Eloi is sailing #135, “Petit Chantier” (ex-“Necessity”) with Anabelle Bilodeau and they are documenting all their adventures for us on their YouTube Channel “Voilier les Copains ” . They seem to have done about one video per week for almost 3-years, quite remarkable.

This reminds us that sailing on boats is really about the people and their experiences, more so than about the boats themselves. Having said that please excuse me in this newsletter because I will pretty much concentrate on the boats. Especially a study of the Corbin 39 fleet composition, selling prices etc (in the second half, below).

Analysis of the Corbin 39 Fleet – Composition, Sales Volume, Prices, etc – The quantity and quality of the information in our records has improved over the last few years to the point where we can now do some meaningful analysis to assist people buying or selling a Corbin, or to improve general understanding.

However it is not realistic to publish this all as a post. Instead please download and read the newsletter in pdf format – here.