401 – Robert Dufour – “Toi-et-Moi”

The #400-series of numbers are for other Robert Dufour and/or Marius Corbin designs. We welcome your contributions: If you can add more info or more photos please contact us by email.

Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull numbern/a
Boat nameKita (Toi-et-Moi)
Full HIN in standard formatunknown
Hull moulding (month-year)approx 1979
Completion (month-year)approx 1980
Type"Dufour 39" looking almost idential to a mk1 "Corbin 39"
Registry numberCAN 393313
Owner(s)Alexandre Gagne, from 2018/2021 as "Kita"
(Robert Harnoi, 1979 - 2018/2021) as "Toi-et-Moi"
Homeport and locationregistered in Moncton NB, winters at St-Mathias, Quebec
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyThis is a a yacht orginally called "TOI-ET-MOI" which had a Canadian registry number of 393313 and was first registered to Mr Robert Harnoi who was the constructor.

In Aug-2021 we were informed Mr Harnoi has died and that the yacht was for sale at the Marina St-Mathias (874 Chem. des Patriotes, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, QC J3L 6A2, Canada) as of Aug-2021. However CAN registry info suggests sale to an Alexandre Gagne took place in Aug-2018.

We were told that this was a yacht built in parallel with the very first Corbin 39, using the original set of plans that Robert Dufour made. This boat was apparently constructed with no involvement from the Corbin yard and did not use any of the Corbin moulds. Other evidence suggests that this yacht used a set of plans that were sold (licenced) by Robert Dufour prior to the subsequent purchase of licence(s) by Marius Corbin, i.e. this was the first "Dufour 39" to commence construction. By comparing the design of this boat with the initial mk1 "Corbin 39" boats it will be informative as to how much of the mk1 design can be attributed between Dufour or Corbin.
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