403 – Robert Dufour – “Harmonie”

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Hull numberCurrentPreviousNotes
Hull numbern/a
Boat nameHarmonie (etc)
Full HIN in standard formatn/a
Hull moulding (month-year)1981-83 ?
Completion (month-year)1981 - 83 ?
TypeDufour design for an 11m aluminium hull yacht
Registry number
Homeport and location
Website / blog / etc
Brief historyThe name "Harmonie" appears on a number of drawings etc associated with Robert Dufour. It is possible that he reused the same underlying project and/or name multiple times. Some of the drawings for the mk1 "Corbin 39" that were issued by Robert Dufour also carry the name "Harmonie".

The undated blue/black/white advert is for an 11m (36ft) aluminium-hulled sloop-rigged yacht. A second larger advert in black & white with photos carries an offer expiring 15-Sep-1981. The design shown in these original adverts is clearly identifiable as being an aluminium hulled sloop with a fin keel, sugar scoop stern, and relatively modern lines (comparable to e.g. Sigma 33 that was also designed in this period, albeit in fibreglass).

The address of Dufour Yacht Design is defintely that for Robert Dufour, however in the blue advert he is referred to as "Bob Dufour". Many of the design elements may either originate from or have been re-used in other Robert Dufour designs.

The date of this black/blue/white magazine advert is not known and it would be helpful to know that.

At least one example of this was built. In [pos. 2020 or so] it was for sale in Italy (in Friuli-Venezia Giulia) with the following description on the internet, "Sailing cruiser from aluminium, designed by Robert Dufour, built in 1983 by Harmonie Shipyrard, Montreal, Canada along the 1984* Americas Cup Canadian challenger. [Now wearing the] British flag, UK Small Ships Register. For summer vacations, Carribean, or round the world trip. I sailed her in the Carribean for a few years followed by Atlantic crossing to Gibraltar, Mediterranian. She is now kept in the Adriatic."

"Length 11m = 36ft
Beam: 3,7 m
Draft: 1,8 m
Ballast: -
1 x 20hp Bukh engine
1 x 100 ltr fuel tank
1 x 300 ltr water tank"
Displacement: 7000 Kg"

The photo accompanying the 'For Sale' internet advert** has a barely legible name that may be "Ship of Hope".

* The internet 'For Sale' advert author should likely be referring to the 1983 Americas Cup when America lost to the lead challenger Australia after holding the cup for 132-years. The actual Canadian contender was a different yacht so the Robert Dufour design must have not been competitive or not completed or not funded in time - "Canada II was designed by Bruce Kirby and built by McConnel Marine in 1982, and competed in the 1983 Louis Vuitton Cup as Canada I. In between the ’83 and ’87 competitions she was radically redesigned, being extended both in her bow and stern, given the addition of a winged keel, and rechristened Canada II. She went on to serve as Western Canada’s challenge for the 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup under the flag of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club."

** https://www.inautia.com/used-boat-45443040212170524849654857484566.html
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