Drawing : good definition scans, mk1 + mk2, all layouts

These drawings were donated by Armand Bouchard who was a previous owner of #020 “Nordic X” in 2021 and passed to us by a subsequent owner Dany Bourassa in early 2022. It was Dany who arranged for them to be professionally scanned by a printer in Quebec City (Graphica Impression) to make the scans. That’s why they are so good.

Thank you to both Armand Bouchard and Dany Bourassa.

The originals appear to have been stored carefully and there is very little fading and so contrast is good. The scanning to a pdf format is at a sufficiently high resolution that almost all of the lettering on the drawings is readable. Overall the definition is excellent. This makes them a very important set of references, particularly with respect to rigging, spars, and sails.

They are organised into four sets as follows:

Plan 1 – Corbin 39 mk2 PH-C isos, orthos, sails, spars, rigging – good definition

Plan 2 – Corbin 39 mk2 PH-CC-K isos, orthos, sails, spars, rigging – good definition

Plan 3 – Corbin 39 mk1 CC-C or PH-C standard mast (single spreader) – sails, spars – good definition

Plan 4 – Corbin 39 mk1 CC-K orthos, sails, spars, deck – good definition