Drawing : series for c. 1980 mk1 PH-C

These are a partial series of drawings scanned by Steve Sakwa in 2020. The source are some 1980 drawings corresponding to very early mk1 aft cockpit PH-C variants.

Steve Sakwa has noted that these must be very early drawings in 1980 when the design was not yet finalised. The address on the front cover of the manual is for Berge Du Canal, which was the first of the three yards, so this confirms they are indeed early 1980 drawings. These are an interesting mixture as they show two different mainsheet positions, one into the aft cockpit by the companion-way (which I think some Americans call a ‘bridge-deck’), and one onto the pilothouse roof. They are also for the general mk1 layout but clearly show the optional bowsprit platform. And, as Steve points out, the hull has one fewer side ports.

If you have any other drawings of this or of any of the various models or layouts please contact us. These drawings are scanned as jpg images – please open them as if they were a photo.