Does any Corbin owner use spinnakers and do they have a positive impact to help balance the boat, specifically for the hulls built before 1984? If there are any Corbin owners who did use spinnakers extensively, either assymetric or standard, I’d love to hear from them on their choice and # of square feet. Bernard V. (#124, di Rosa).

a. I have used a spinnaker on my Corbin several times. On the Pacific crossing I poled out the spinnaker and let it fly for four days and three nights with the windpilot steering the boat. My spinnaker has a sock and while we were in Darwin, Australia I made a bell shaped fiberglass entry for the sock. It really helped with the retrieval of the sail. Henry M. (#018, 2 Extreme).

b. May I suggest you call Mr Jean Saintonge of Voile Saintonge. Regards, Martin St-Pierre (#146, Nordan).

c. The matter of spinnakers for the Corbin 39 was studied as part of the sailing performance analysis (VPP etc) which is set out in the Longform Articles section of the website, in particular the VPP study summary.   As the study shows they can make a considerable difference to performance, especially for anyone doing a lot of long-duration downwind sailing.

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