Project – helm chair

The Waterworths owned #190, “Kalliste” for five years. They sold Kalliste in 2017 for health reasons and instead bought a large trawler-style motorboat that they can still use, a DeFever. Paul Waterworth is a creator/designer and he carried out some projects on Kalliste.

These photos are of a helm chair he designed and made. He started with a bankers chair that he converted into a helm chair. It could be positioned for three functions which works very well… helm navigation (facing forwards, set high), navigation charting (facing to starboard, set low) and swing around (to port, set low) for an extra seat in the salon. The third position was relevant to #190, “Kalliste” as she is the mk2 centre-cockpit with pilothouse so the saloon table is in the pilothouse area.

The photos are self-explanatory.

It worked very well.

(download full description and photos here)