#004, Oar Else

#004 “Oar Else” is for sale, price USD $20,000. She is located on a wet slip in Bear, Delaware USA. She is a mk1 aft cockpit pilothouse cutter (PH-C) with the single spreader mast and no bowsprit This is hull #4, originally Quester and renamed Oar Else by its previous owner. Built in 1979, Oar …

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#135, Petit Chantier

Petit Chantier is for sale for  US $65,000 and is in good sailing condition. She is an aft cockpit mk2 Corbin 39 with the taller double spreader mast and bowsprit. She is afloat, in good condition, and available for inspection in Rio Dulce, GUATEMALA. This is a serious blue water yacht with stability, speed and comfort. …

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#5. Newsletter of 2022

Attached is the newsletter for 2022, complete with lots of lovely photos, updated selling prices and volumes, and some old history and tales. As you will see we are now up to 154 Corbins identified with a photo, and about 350 members on our combined Facebook Group and email list. However it is not realistic …

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#4. Newsletter of 2021

Please excuse me for being a month late issuing this newsletter for 2021 in early Feb 2022.   That photo is of Eloi Maro when he was younger and on the boat of Gaëtan Girard who took the picture and passed it to me. Now of course Eloi is sailing #135, “Petit Chantier” (ex-“Necessity”) with …

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Feedback for sellers

Gilles Lebrun was asked for his feedback on how the selling experience has improved as a result of being able to put an advert up in the Corbin 39 website and in the Facebook Group. Here are his responses in early 2021 which may interest and assist future sellers.

#3. Newsletter of 2020

What a year this has been. A year ago Brian Tennant was introduced to the group after his “Stella” (temporary number #312) went ashore on 3-Dec-2019 in Port Barton, Palawan, the Philippine’s. For two weeks we all watched in helpless fascination whilst he and the very willing volunteers first tried to hand dig her out, …

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#2. Obituary of Lester Helmus

061 - Cosmic Debris in Haida Gwaii at sunset, photo courtesy Wendi Morrison

This is Newsletter #2 dated May 2020 of the Corbin 39 story on our .org website. We are issuing it both as a post on the website, and as a downloadable pdf that will also be distributed by email (as a pdf). We start this newsletter #2 with the news that Lester Helmus passed away …

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#1. Welcome to our new website

The new Corbin 39 Association website is going live now !      That means this is Newsletter 2019-1 of the new era of the Corbin 39 story. We are issuing it both as a post on the website, and as a downloadable pdf that will also be distributed by email (as a pdf). The …

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