Air conditioning

Where have [others] installed AC units and dealt with the routing of air flow etc? I’m looking to put in a unit on my Corbin and would like to know the experiences of others who have gone before me. Thanks, Tom Knight, (#157, Fabled Past).

a. Tom–I had a Cruisair 2-part system with reverse cycle installed in my Corbin 6-7 years ago. It was a nightmare [to install] to say the least, but once in, it has been flawless with absolutely no maintenance, except for replacing the seawater pump a few times. My boat is the “Edition Speciale” aft cockpit- I believe that yours is the same, judging by the year. If the system I have is of interest to you, I will be happy to send pictures of the installation, parts required, and the duct routing. Doug Archibald, (s/v #158, CHAOS !!).

b. Tom, I own Perpetua, previously known as #078, Half Normal Saline. She has a water source heat pump located in the hanging locker opposite the head, just forward of the main cabin. Ducts are routed to the foc’sle and to the main cabin. I live in Oregon, so have had need of the heat, but little need of the A/C. The system works great, although the pilot house does not stay as comfortable as the main cabin. Good luck, Bill Gifford, (#078, Perpetua).

c. In #154, Sunshine the AC unit is under the sink in the galley. It is tucked over to port out of the way and it is a 16,500 btu unit. All vents and hoses run on the port side. Digital photos are available if you need them. David Williams (#154, Sunshine).

d. Tom, My A/C is located behind the forward head mirror, with the piping running along the port hull. All I have is three ports, one in the v-berth, galley & pilothouse. I may add one to the main cabin over the table because this seems to be a hot spot. All in all being slipped in Florida and doing a majority of my cruising in the Caribbean, it is fairly adequate. Hope this helps…Regards, Keith Boettger, (#025, Agape).