Can I make my distribution panel swing open?

a. The wiring behind the panel shows a fuse block at the left that has AGC fuses for the light loads of instruments (GPS, Nexus instruments, VHF etc.). The copper strap is the SSB ground connection. I have lots of AGC in-line fuses, all listed now I believe. They protect the light loads of various pieces of equipment that would not be protected by the breaker feeding them. I used white wire for ground as I had lots of it! Almost all the wiring is 12 gauge, to minimize voltage drop. I have “pony panels” in about 7 locations throughout the boat. Each is fed from one breaker and consists of a junction block, e.g. Blue Seas #2408 (W. Marine 214991) or similar. This avoids having all wires go back to the main panel. Each sub circuit has an in-line fuse See Pic. David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)

b. The back of the Paneltronics breaker panel (hinged open) shows the AC below with a fibreglass box covering the AC wiring, made by me. The mass of wires is organized (!) with number labels stuck on and covered with clear heat-shrink There are circular wire loops attached to a fixed piece of wood behind the hinge, so that the wire will tend to flex and not fatigue with opening and closing of the panel door. All wire ends are crimped to ring terminals and covered with heat-shrink. I recommend the Ancor ratchet crimper, p/n 702017, $46.99 at W. David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)