Construction drawings for a Corbin cradle?

I need construction drawings for a Corbin cradle? Can anyone assist ? Boris Steipe (#131, Two Crows)

a. Yes, see drawings below (Submitted by Guy LaRoche, s/v Sarbacane, Hull 192), (file opens as a pdf or as a .xls, zoom in to see the detail and dimensioning).

SarbacaneCradle1(xls)      SarbacaneCradle1 (pdf)

b. Here’s an inexpensive, though temporary, way of supporting a Corbin on the hard, Yacht Legs ( ).

c. Here’s Cap Ocean’s fixed cradle:


    PDF PLANS : capoeanecradleplans

d. Here’s #050, Opportunity’s fixed cradle: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6, Plans Sketch (we have yet to locate the photos)

e. Here’s CAD plans, minus the pads: CAD (we have yet to locate the CAD file)

f. Here’s a commercial source. Most cradles in this area come from “The Cradle Shop”. I don’t have the coordinates but am sure they can be found online or in “Boat for Sale” magazine. It’s a very popular source. They have the design for a Corbin since that is where I bought mine from. Jack Verheyden

g. Here’s #145, Saw-Whet’s cradle: Pic 1

h. Boris Steipe, I have a CAD drawing for a cradle for the Corbin. I will dig it out for you. Mike Cashin