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I’ve been looking on line to find a Corbin logo so we can get some hats and clothing apparel made up with our boat’s name but can’t seem to find anything. I didn’t know if this is something new or you’ve entertained this request before. If there is nothing available I was going to work with a local embroiderer to make one up myself with an outline of the boat and “Corbin 39” across the image. See please let me know of existing artwork or an embroidery image already available. Dan N. (#085, Trustworthy).

a. I had this same question when I first bought my Corbin, and after lengthy research, came across a silhouette of an animal seal. I have also seen an image of this seal on a sailing Corbin 39, with the seal pointing nose down. I would be curious to know what other owners have found or are using on their mainsails.

These are the Corbin 39 ‘seal’ logos as both jpg and png files. They can also be found at These are the more commonly used logos and are in some of the factory catalogues. Click on them to open as an image.

b. My mainsail is from another Corbin boat because there is a black crow or raven silhouette on it. A bec de corbin is a type of pole weapon that was popular in medieval Europe. The name is Old French for “crow’s beak”. So as “Corbin” is Old French for “Crow”, possibly an earlier owner decided on this Crow silhouette as an appropriate logo. Tim T. (#046, Silent Running).

c. I have a Corbin logo on my mainsail as shown in this photograph of Jakatar taken by a fellow boater along the Portuguese coast. See Jakatar Mainsail Logo . I had the sail made by Lee Sails in Hong Kong. At the time they said they would place the Corbin logo on the mainsail for free. I have no idea where they got the logo or if they simply invented one. Horacio M. (#073, Jakatar).

This is the styilised bird logo that some boats have on their mainsails. Click on it to open as an uncropped image.

d. We looked into the logo situation when we bought a new mainsail in 2005. We got some sticky black fabric from the sailmaker and made the logo shown in Photo 2. Photo 3 was supplied by Corbin as transfers and we have one on each side of the wheelhouse. I think the origin of the logo is the French word, Corbeau, which translates as Raven. David S. (#050, Opportunity).

e. My wife and I have hull 195 built in 1989 and factory finished. Currently named ‘Endorphin’ and kept in Freeport G.B. The original mainsail was still in use when we bought the boat in 2010. The following season we ordered a new mainsail from Halsey UK’s Miami loft. (Not the best service, though the sails are good). They had the Corbin seal logo in their database. Most sail lofts will have just about all of the logos available for recognized production sailboats. We used the Seal logo with the hull number 195 below it. David H. (#195, Endorphin).

f. Here is the Corbin logo as a Seal, shown in AngelFire, Corbin Logo. Robert H. (#017, Est d’Eden).

g. This is what was made for me by the sailmaker (also, the one in the original sales brochure) #186, Visitant’s Mainsail Logo. Frank B. (#186, Visitant).

h. My mainsail has an upright seal with a 39 under it. Guy V. (#189, Tangaroa V).

i. [Ed. Note: I think the majority of owners are using the upright seal with a 39 underneath. Lester] [Ed. 2019, Note the Corbin factory brochure also used the upright seal].

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