Cutlass bearings

I would be interested to know what other boat owners have used when changing out the cutlass bearing on their propeller shaft? I am chiefly interested in knowing if their replacement had a brass sleeve or if it was non-metalic. Thanks for your help. David Hibbard (#195, Endorphin).

a. I have a bronze (or brass) sleeved cutlass bearing and it has not needed replacement. I bought a non-metallic bearing as a spare part when building the boat. This was made by Thordon and they still exist! The bearing is made slightly oversized and is fitted by freezing to shrink it and allow an interference fit according to the installation instructions I have. The following comes from :
XL Propeller Shaft Bearings – are available in a full range of shafts frrom 3/4″ to 40″. These bearings have their water grooves moulded in. They are designed as direct replacements for bronze/rubber Cutlass-type bearings. XL Propeller shaft bearings are available fully-finished, ready to install, and semi-finished for machining to suit specific shaft and housing dimensions. Semi-finished bearings are designed with a small amount of extra material on the inside and outside so that they can be machined to accommodate minor variations in shaft and housing dimensions. D. Salter, s/v #050, Opportunity.

b. I have brass …………. replaced in 2002 / 2003 still good as new in 2012. Get at least 1″ longer than you need, that will help to get it moving if you need to take it out again & grease it before re install. Oooops ! Grease the brass sleeve …… not the rubber insert ….lol. Frank Bryant ( #186, Visitant).