Fuel sampling, engine oil removal, or other vacuum-related procedures?

a. I have just siphoned the fuel out of my outboard motor tank as part of winterizing. I used a small hand pump that I had used in industry and I have found many uses for it. For example, it could be used to suck from the bottom of a fuel tank to check for (or remove) water. It can also be used for water siphoning. See details at GOLDEN THIEF, sampling pump, 4520 Cleveland St. Gary, IN , 46408-3715, Phone: 219-980-3848, FAX: 219-980-2937 PumpPrice.htm Also see “Home”. Recommend Aluminum Model U, $55.81, that seals to a rigid bottle, e.g. glass, so that a vacuum can be pulled. A plastic bottle can be used if only a light vacuum is used. Regards, David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity).