Gelcoat cracks (2)

What should I do about those cracks in my gelcoat? Jeremy Parrett (#101, Pelican 1 / Two Pelicans)

a. Gelcoat cracks Deck or Hull ???? Since the Corbin is not prone to flexing, the gelcoat cracks are purely cosmetic and largely due to excessive amount of the gelcoat material. Case in point. We have had our boat Awlgriped and Epoxied recently and when the issue of the gelcoat crack repair came up, our shop elected to NOT to fill the cracks but to sand the hull and seal with Interprotect Epoxy several coats. This stuff has the ability to surface stretch and flex 40%. Our repair shop is: R Moreau Marine Refinishing here in Penetang, Ontario. Rick has been in business MANY years and has a very excellent reputation for workmanship and fair pricing. ( having done several Corbins in the past ) He is a local legend and his work from 20 + years ago still looks as new. Just sharing our experience.. Regards, Frank Bryant (s/v #186, Visitant)

b. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. When I bought Hull 101 last year we sanded the underbody and applied 10 coats of Maas epoxy so I shall now only have to deal with the deck and topsides in time. I am more than pleased with my Corbin. I had ordered one in 1982 but cancelled for reasons you may guess!! Jeremy Parrett (#101, Pelican 1 / Two Pelicans)

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