How do I replace a rudder shoe?

I just hauled #095, Coochi to change the zincs and paint the bottom. To my surprise the bronze rudder shoe was cracked completely through. I was hoping the group could point me to a source for this item or information on having one machined. It appears to be the original, 23 to 25 yrs. old. I would like to have it replaced with stainless. Thanks, William Costello #095, Coochi.

a. I made two rudder boots for two Corbins I built (#073 and #126), using 316 SS three eights inch bar and one and one half inch pipe with quarter inch wall. The pipe or the shaft may have to be machined 10thou or so for a proper fit. Also, inside the pipe I placed stainless steel ball bearings to eliminate friction. Five years later and 15,000 miles still good as new. I hope this info is of some help, Cesar Marteleira (#126, Sea Czar).

b. I got the original bronze shoe from Marius Corbin. He may still know the source for the casting. I have also seen stainless steel fabricated shoes (welded) on other boats. You will need to get the dimensions off your skeg or the broken shoe. David Salter , s/v #050, Opportunity.

c. Most any good machinist should be able to make a pattern from the old one and fabricate a SS one. Jack Verheyden (#127, Kathrian hull #127)

d. Regarding your problem, Contact: Gaetan Duchesne I think you know him. Gaetan was the assistant to Marius Corbin and Gaetan has his own Corbin now (#165, Therese Vincent). All the stainless on the Corbins was done in St-Jean Québec. Gaetan: Moules Hyteck 450-245-0575. Regards, Normand Bouchard, (#140, Urantia).